Amir Yazdani Bio

Amir was born in the 1980's in South Baltimore, Maryland. He had two dreams as a young boy, to become a neurosurgeon or a stand up comedian. He chose the latter.

His humor ranges from one-liners, puns, to what it was like growing up,  to his life experiences.  He is clinically absurd. His humor is meant to make you ponder, self-reflect, groan, or laugh (because he's probably staring at you with his trademark handsome, charming, shit-eating grin of a smile), and you can't help but find him likeable and adorable.

You can catch him at Yaz Comedy Open Mic @ Summers in Arlington, VA the last Friday of every month. Also at open mics around Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., or grocery shopping or filling up his car with gas.